Dear friends, 

Thank you for being a subscriber to The Medical Beat.  It is now a year and a half old, with a couple of new features.  You can now access all the posts by clicking the “Blog Archive” on the home page, then scrolling backwards to the first entry on September 5, 2021.  Also, the invitation to subscribe is now at the top of the home page.

I am ever interested in more readership, so I urge you to tell friends and family about the blog.  The address is “” and, as mentioned above, subscribing is easy.  You can assure people that subscribing will not put them on any list that will produce email clogging ads.

Your readership is important to me and I particularly enjoy comments, even contrary ones.  At best, the blog could spark an on-line dialogue about issues that do not receive sufficient attention in popular media.



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  1. Joan Gansert says:

    Congratulations. Keep them coming. Thanks

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