On August 7, I posted a piece on the high price of insulin. A physician friend pointed out that the figures I quoted would result in about a $90,000 per month cost of an average insulin user. This would exceed even the greatest ambition of the drug companies, Instead of the cost per unit of insulin, I should have written cost per vial of insulin. This correction does not change the import of the posting, to wit, that insulin prices in the United States are eight times higher, or so, than in other developed countries.


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  1. Peter Beatty says:

    Presumably this and other inexcusable excesses of big Pharma will come into line (a little bit until they figure how to game the system) with the new Biden health care legislation which will permit Medicare to negotiate (at last) with the drug companies on drug prices. The U.S. could follow the New Zealand example with their agency “Pharmec” which negotiates but with a prescribed budget meaning if Pharma doesn’t let their price points, they walk. If they want to sell the drug in NZ, the drug cos. have to meet the governmental price point

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